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One Step Higher

Our Commitment. Dominican Advance is committed to bringing quality education to underprivileged Dominican youth. This year we have to go ONE STEP HIGHER and build more classrooms for our incoming freshmen.

We also will provide a tablet for each of our students so they can catch up to their counterparts in the developed world.

Your Opportunity. Regardless of your economic condition, you have an opportunity to help someone less fortunate than yourself. Join us and be our financial partner in taking Dominican education to the next level! Questions? Email: info@dominicanadvance.org

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"One Step Higher" - High School Construction Project Video

   Three Compelling Reasons for Your Support:

No Alternative

The most compelling reason is that there is not now, nor will there ever be, an opportunity for secondary education for these youths whose parents are too poor to afford daily transportation for their children to attend the small high school outside of their neighborhoods. Even if they could - there is no room!

Squandered Investments

The efforts and money we invest in these children at the elementary level will be squandered unless we can offer them an opportunity for secondary education. The children and their sponsors alike have high expectations that can never be realized without a high school diploma.

The Digital Divide

Youth in developing countries lag woefully behind their counterparts in the developed world in computer technology making the challenge before them increasing greater. They parents too, need computing skills to increase employment opportunities and diversify their skills set.

 Will They Have a Brighter Future?

PHASE 2 CONSTRUCTION: Phase 2 includes construction three, theater-style classrooms and walkways, and the purchase of 100 tablets for our present students and new freshman class. Projected cost: $170,000 US. Deadline: August 2016.