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NutriNiños - School Nutrition

"I'm hungry", said the small, but irritated child in response to the teacher's admonition to pay attention. After composing herself, the teacher offered the pupil some crackers she had been saving in her purse. Thus began the first step in our journey to see to it that our students have their basic nutritional requirements met for the sake of their own education.

"If we are requiring them to concentrate and to do their best in school, at least we can see to it that they're properly fed when they come to school," says Josie Pensinger on the need for the NutriNiños - School Nutrition that Makes a Difference - nutrition program. A majority of our students come to school without having received a meal at home. The high price of food has meant that some poor families cannot afford but one meal a day.

The NutriNiños program provides every child age 11 and younger with a nutritious suplementary meal every school day. For just $89 you can feed a child a nutritious school meal for an entire year!

NutriNiños - School Nutrition That Makes a Difference!

Feed A Child for An Entire School Year for Only $89!

   Three Benefits of NutriNiños:

Improved Concentration

One of the main benefits of the NutriNiños Program is the improved academic performance of those children who benefit from it the most. Test scores have improved, attention spans have increased, and respect in the classroom has showed a marked improvement.

Higher Energy Level

Another benefit that teachers notice is the increase in energy. Students who before could barely finish their work on time, began to finish early. Some children who just sat during recess, now are playing and interacting with their peers on the playground.

Healthier Children

A long, and more lasting effect of NutriNiños is the improvement in the general health of the children. A recent medical team that visited that school compared notes from their last visit and commented on the improved general health of the student body.

Details of the NutriNiños Program

What Do the Children Eat?
In consultation with a professor of nutrition at the University of Vermont, Josie Pensinger put together a varied menu of multigrains, meat, fruit, and diary products. The menu is rotated throughout the school week and the portions vary according to the age and grade of the children.
Does Sponsoring a Child Include Feeding?
No, it does not. The NutriNiños - School Nutrition that Makes a Difference- nutrition program is not funded in any way through the Scholarships for Champions sponsorship program. We encourage every sponsor to contribute to NutriNiños.